It’s been a while….

It’s been a while since I’ve sent any newsletters, emails or blog. 

2019 was a year of many life changing shifts in my world.  Most of which actually started at the end of 2018, following the death of my beloved mentor-teacher-friend Gina Ogden.  I wanted to start 2019 with a bang (isn’t that what experts tell us to do), but instead, as the year progressed, I found myself with a deep need to slow down, look inside and reevaluate how I served in the world . 

Grief does that—it is a visceral invitation to honker down and pay attention to the big and little nuances of one’s being. It creates a space where you eventually surrender to yourself. An invitation to surrender more fully to life.

So that’s what I did.  And, in the slowing down amidst the grief, I reacquainted myself with parts of me that I had forgotten, the parts that had longly awaited my return.

I began having intimate conversations with loved ones and most importantly, I began having intimate conversations with myself. What I found was a deep desire to love more, to serve more, and open up more.  Not by forcing or making it happen, but by being clear with what enlivened me—even if slightly uncomfortable—and letting go of what didn’t—even when it made no logical sense.  As a therapist and a coach, how do I help guide others do the same unless I am willing to do the work myself?  It wasn’t easy, but what unfolded was simple and quite magical.

Grief can many times serve as the impetuous to our life’s purpose and heart desires.  Because grief never goes away. One only learns to live with it.  From this wound, intimacy with self deepens and acceptance and fierce love for self and others expands. 

This year my intention is to love more by practicing kindness and compassion with myself first.  I will open more by continuing to slow down and paying close attention to the wisdom of my soul and guidance by the Divine that always arrives on the other side of busyness and boredom. 

And, this year I will serve more by having created a bigger space where others can learn and heal so that they too can open up more to love, intimacy and pleasure in their life and relationships (more on this below) and also providing you with innovative information, skills, and offerings via these newsletters. I look forward to having you join me on this ride. 

Wishing you continuous delight and joyous finds on your journey to love, vitality and freedom. Holding that you continue to find your sure footing in what unfolds in the terrain of your continuous journey. 

In loving,

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  1. Jacqueline, I so enjoy your posts, blogs, e-mails, etc. Wish I was still in a position to see you regularly, still in Florida. I still gather insight and reminders to pause and be more understanding with myself. At times in the last 3 years it has nearly felt impossible.
    I miss you, your smile and your hugs! What you continue to do makes me so happy and proud!

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