Ritual, Embodiment & the Medicine Wheel

Feeling stuck or living as if life is passing you by?

Do find yourself feeling disconnected from your thoughts, emotions or your body?

Are you desiring more pleasure and feeling more comfortable in your own skin?

Do you experience yourself feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or stressed out?

Ritual, Embodiment & the Medicine Wheel is a group for women who are ready to heal, feel inspired, connect to her body, heart, mind & spirit and experience being supported by other women.


This group will be like none other.

This group is the fusion of my 20 years of working with women as a therapist and a coach and of my love and studies of ritual and shamanic medicine, Tantra traditions, psychology, spiritual psychology, embodiment practices and sex therapy.

This group is for women ready to integrate body, heart, mind and spirit to create the internal shifts and the external action to create sustainable, long term change.


Participants will be provided layers of support, connection, and accountability to  integrate changes and healing through the use of ritual, embodiment, and the 4-D (Medicine) Wheel.

Over the 5 months, participants will meet monthly for live sessions, have group phone calls for added support with each woman being provided ample and individualized support. (Live events are mandatory.  Calls will take place in evening hours and recorded for participants that cannot attend.)

Dates of Live Events:

November 2
December 7
January 11, 2020
February 8
March 7


This group is for you if…

You are ready to take outer action that results in creating goals.

You are ready to do the inner work to heal and grow.

You are ready to learn about feminine leadership and empowerment.

You are willing to turn obstacles into stepping stones.


The Group will include:

  • Monthly Live Meetings
  • Monthly phone calls
  • Accountability Partnerships
  • Goal Setting and Support
  • Weekly emails and support
  • Laser Coaching as needed




Our ancestral mothers gathered in circle to share around the fire not only for ritual, but as they prepared food for families and community. They shared stories about their unique and collective experiences. There was no leader, no submissive.

Women gathered to share stories from their daily experience, to initiate one another, to celebrate the changes in the body, to honor the transitions in lifespan, and to support one another. The red tent was common as a place where women gathered in reverence to their moon cycle.

When an emphasis on increasing cognitive development occurred, what resulted was more linear thinking and behaviors.  Gathering in circle was replaced with meeting in lines.  In this way, both men and women became passive receivers of information and instruction from others in leadership positions.

Women are social creatures.  Connecting and relating to other women is vital to our overall wellbeing.

Modern cultural norms has led women to feel isolated, alone, overworked and disconnected from other women and from their own rich wisdom and brilliance.




This group is designed to help women heal and integrate body, heart, mind and spirit through rituals that feed the soul, embodiment practices that nurture feeling good in the body and processes that help each woman unearth her own unique gifts and flavoring.

When we gather, we join to hold everyone in sacred space and purpose as equals.  We are bringing forth an ancient way of connecting into modern times.



The Four Dimensional Wheel is a template for higher awareness, growth and healing based on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition where the person’s journey is viewed through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual quadrants.

The Four Dimensional Wheel is an invitation to walk the wheel: moving and speaking from the different quadrants helps one step-into new ways to explore, identify, and express an issue, a desire, and possible solutions.

The Wheel also serves as a vehicle of deep healing by unraveling old stories while weaving new one that serve new ways of experiencing inner and outer experiences.  To learn more about the 4-D Wheel, click here.


We Gather To


We will gather to share stories, to connect to our powerful selves and to remember who we really are.
We gather to enliven life.
We gather to share our joy, to work on projects and desires, to join in ritual at various levels of depth and purpose.
And, and we gather in circle to help to heal our world.
As a wise woman once said:
“As women connect around our circular earth, we are creating
networks — circles within a larger circle, all part of this spiraling galaxy and an expanding field of creative form and force. We carry within us a spark of light initiated with the big bang—that same creative power that birthed the universe. It is time to manifest feminine potential and restore right balance and healing as obviously the force is with us.”



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