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Relationship & Couples Counseling is not necessarily tied to a specific goal.

Through counseling, couples can explore and decide how to stay together, reconfigure the relationship, or even bring the relationship to a close with compassion and love.

It is a process that will help you  explore and identify the changes all parties want to make even if you are unsure of what you want. 

Working together, I will help you and your partner outline your needs and desires.  You will learn how to recognize and articulate them on your own while holding space for your partner to do the same.  

You can learn new skills to create a relationship where everyone feels seen, heard, loved, and validated.

More effective ways to interact gives you an opportunity to experience each other differently. You’ll be able to  practice new communication and  responding in between sessions until they become your own. This is not about recreating better times. Instead, each of you will be part of building a whole new relationship.  

Relationship Counseling is also helpful for those in a current separation, in process of a divorce or seeking partnership.

The process of Relationship Counseling can help no matter  what your relationship looks like. Whether you’re dating, married, completing a partnership, in an open relationship or a closed one –  I can work with you, or together with you and your partner(s) to explore what each of you wants and to find a middle ground for everyone.  

Relationship Counseling can help you 

  • listen to one another so that you feel cared for and heard
  • communicate what you need
  • identify unproductive behaviors and messages that undermine the relationship while learning what leads to greater mutual respect, admiration, and love.

Some relationship issues that I help Individual and Couples 

  • The partnership feels are distant, withdrawn, too reactive, or unemotional
  • One or both of you feel consistently dissatisfied with the other
  • There are feelings, needs, and wants that are difficult to express
  • You feel like you’re both drifting apart

“Did I pick the right person? This question inverts the starting and ending point. We do not pick our perfect match because we ourselves are not perfect.  The universe hands as a flawless diamond – in the rough. Only if we are willing to polish off every part of ourselves that cannot join do we end up with a soulmate.” ~ Gail Prather

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