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 Ready to take your practice to the next level?

Do you desire to transition from community mental health to owning your own private practice?

Are you looking for support in setting the foundation to expand into owning a group practice?

Are you ready to expand beyond 1:1 clients or hourly rates?

Do you want to create a lifestyle that balances self-care, family time, and being a successful business owner?

Are you ready to convert your insurance-based practice into private pay?

Are you ready to take the leap and specialize in a specific niche?

I started my first business, a private therapy practice, in 2006.  And I struggled!  So much so that I was getting ready to close after six months.  

I met with my landlord to give her my notice, and in the middle of this tough conversation, she asked, “What have you done to help your business?”  

The truth… I had done very little.  

How was I supposed to know what to do?  Throughout grad school and internships, no one had ever spoken about the business side of therapy.

That’s when I decided to get some help and got myself a business coach. 

From day one with my coach, I saw the benefits of investing in high-quality business coaching and have continued my entrepreneurial education ever since.  I’ve been mentored by coaches, professional networking groups, successful colleagues in my field, entrepreneurship accelerator programs, and all the books, workshops, training,  and podcasts available.  

I didn’t intend to become a coach.  But as my business grew and kept getting asked for support by my fellow business owners, and I began to notice that my answers were helping people transform their businesses and their lives, I decided to create heartfelt and somatically-based offers to help others create the practice of their dreams.  

Let's Go On A Journey
And Help You Dream & Create The Business That Supports not only the clients you want to serve, but the life you dream of living

You went into the helping & healing industry because you deeply desired to help people, serve others, see them grow and heal, and make a difference in the life of others.

If your business has no solid foundation

If you are unclear on how you want to serve 

If your clients cannot find you

You are helping no one.

Much less your vision, your bank account or yourself.

I am a believer in the power of therapy.  

What I love more than being a therapist is helping other therapists and professionals dream big and feel more confident about the business side.

There are no cookie-cutter methods here. I coach therapists to create authentic and aligned businesses. 

Abundance and prosperity arrive when we serve our clients from a place of genuine care, understanding, and a steadfast commitment to adding meaningful value to their lives.

This begins with cultivating deep connections, actively listening to our needs, and continuously honing our skills to provide innovative solutions tailored to enriching our experiences and healing our self-limiting spaces.


An inside-out approach

As your coach and partner, I’ll help you move beyond the blocks that have been holding you back, and we’ll create a clear, concrete, strategic action plan that supports your goals while you more deeply connect with and trust your inner wisdom.

With over two decades of experience as a psychotherapist and sex therapist, I know how to help my clients use their inner world to rediscover their passion and dreams and fuse their discovery into strategy and success.

My holistic, practical, and integrative approach is an inside-out way to nurture change. 

When you can uncover and change the root of what you perceive is in the way, your outer experience begins to mirror back to you that there’s nothing you can’t do.

Learn how to partner with your emotions, regulate the nervous system, and embody more space.

Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of energy available to us. When we learn how to access our inner wisdom and start honoring our mind and body’s capacity and limits, we can support ourselves from burnout and exhaustion and not spend time caring for ourselves and our loved ones.

A little extra support, guidance, and a touch of accountability can make all the difference in your pursuit of goals.

Choosing to invest in the insights of individuals who have walked similar paths before us is a wise and thoughtful decision.

Explore the transformative possibilities coaching offers and see how it can contribute to your journey toward thriving.

For Extraordinary Therapists & Therapreneurs

  • Receive 1:1 personalized attention that will help you move beyond roadblocks.
  • Specific and unique practices and assignments are created to support you and your goals.
  • Cultivate deeper self-loveacceptance, and greater trust in your own inner wisdom.
  • Reawaken your inner compass 

Individual Intensive

An escape from life and work to nourish your vision, heart, body, and soul. 

  • Rekindle your vision, allowing fresh perspectives and creative ideas to emerge.
  • Connect with what truly matters to you while fostering a deeper understanding of your emotional needs and desires.
  • Take a break from the physical strains of routine and immerse yourself in activities that promote well-being.
  • An opportunity to nourish your soul, promoting a sense of balance and harmony in your life

Dream Boldly | Mastermind for Mental Health Professionals

  • Joining a mastermind for mental health professionals provides access to a diverse pool of experiences, perspectives, and insights. 
  • Tap into collective wisdom.
  • Discover innovative approaches to expand, increase profits, and navigate the challenges of scaling.
  • A space to discuss and implement effective strategies for preventing burnout. 
  • This network not only enhances professional opportunities but also creates a supportive community to navigate the unique challenges of the mental health profession.



Consultation is available for providers who want to better support their clients and have questions about sexuality, couples/relationships, mental health conditions/treatment, cultural, spiritual, and embodiment practices among other topics.


If you have several providers who are looking for group consultation in the same clinic or group practice, Jacqueline Mendez can come to you.

For Sacred Life, Love, & Leadership

For the women who are ready to HEAL, feel INSPIRED, CONNECTED to their BODY, HEART, MIND & SPIRITEmbody the Ancient Shamanic Wisdom.

This is an online group for women who are ready to create internal shifts and external action to create the life they truly desire.

A 5-month Virtual Coaching Program for Latinas and Latinx Femme
Honoring your roots while nurturing & growing your multi-colored dreams.
Together we will explore and get clarity on your vision, and create a doable action plan that inspires you. 

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