Middle of August

Welcome to Audacious August!

A whole month dedicated to boldness, fearlessness, and a willingness to take audacious actions or pursue ambitious goals with the spirit of adventure, daring, and play.

August is the time of year for personal development challenges, creative projects, business initiatives,  social endeavors, or up-leveling relationships. These may be the goals you have had on your list since the beginning of 2023.  However, Audacious August is about instilling a sense of excitement and courage, finding inspiration in the dog days of summer to make positive changes and pursue your passions and desires with enthusiasm during the month—stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing audacious ideas or opportunities. 

This Audacious Life

“Audacious” describes someone or something as showing a willingness to take bold risks, displaying a daring or fearless attitude, and being unafraid to challenge conventions. It often conveys a sense of courage and confidence in one’s actions, even in the face of potential danger, criticism, or opposition.

An audacious person might pursue ambitious goals, tackle complex problems, or venture into uncharted territory with a sense of adventure and determination. Likewise, a bold idea or plan is innovative and goes beyond the usual boundaries, often pushing the limits of what is considered or expected.

An audacious individual finds the courage to face challenges and obstacles head-on. Setbacks or failures do not easily deter them; they maintain a resilient attitude in adversity.  Living an audacious life is being clear on what gets your attention—focusing on small details rather than the end goal so that you can enjoy the journey.  

Living an audacious life involves embracing uncertainty and stepping into the unknown without succumbing to fear. It means taking calculated risks and being open to new experiences.  Being audacious does not mean living fearlessly, but rather acknowledging the fear, being curious about the fear that has shown up (hint: perhaps a narrative you tell yourself will have to change once you go beyond your comfort zone).  

Audacious individuals possess a strong sense of self-belief and confidence in their abilities—even if you think you have a bucket of proof to the contrary.  They often think outside the box and develop creative and innovative solutions to problems. They are not afraid to explore unconventional approaches. They are resilient and can bounce back from setbacks. 

These individuals learn from failures and use them as stepping stones toward future success.  They also ask for help as needed—professional service to support what they are trying to create.

Living an audacious life involves positively impacting others or the world at large. Audacious individuals may pursue ventures that create meaningful change and improve the lives of others.  People leading an audacious life stay true to themselves and their values. They do not conform to societal norms or expectations but chart their path based on what feels right.

It’s important to note that living an audacious life doesn’t necessarily mean constantly engaging in high-risk activities or seeking attention. It’s about embracing opportunities, facing challenges with determination, and pushing the boundaries of personal growth and achievement. An audacious life is unique to each individual and can manifest in various ways, depending on their passions, dreams, and values.

From Obstacle to Invitation.

I have worked with many clients that yearn to live life audaciously.  At the core of an audacious life is learning to acknowledge and navigate life (inner and outer) constructively on the path to personal growth and achievement.  Remember that audacious individuals embrace uncertainty and are not afraid to face challenges head-on. And most of the challenges are the stories and beliefs we tell ourselves.

Fear of Failure: Taking bold risks and pursuing audacious goals can lead to the possibility of failure. For some people, the fear of failing and facing disappointment or judgment from others can be paralyzing.  A failure is an event, not a way of being. Most successful people have hundreds of losses before they experience success.

  • Willingness to use failure to propel them forward
  • Do not personalize failure—it’s a step towards living the life they want to live.

Fear of Rejection and Criticism: Living audaciously often involves going against the norm and challenging the status quo, which can attract criticism and disapproval from others, making some people hesitant to stand out and be different.  As children, we must follow the rules because if we don’t, we become targets of punishment, ridicule, bullying, ostracizing, and abuse.  So to risk rejection and criticism, to some, can feel threatening.

  • Fear is a signpost. It’s there to consider how this will serve me. Fear is a stop sign.  Do you come to a stop sign and abandon your car? Or do you pause, look both ways and keep going?

Comfort Zone: Comfort zones can be a tricky landscape.  It’s ok to pause and celebrate your wins; comfort zones are rest stops before we continue mastering life. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be uncomfortable and unsettling. We are programmed for security and familiarity in our routines, which makes audacious pursuits feel risky and uncertain.

  • What would you do if you knew that your decision would be successful and that you received the correct answer anytime you felt doubt? Do that now. Make a plan and keep going. 

Imposter Syndrome: Some individuals may feel like they are not deserving of audacious achievements and fear being exposed as fraud. We tell ourselves that we don’t know enough, are not capable enough, or that others will find out we are not smart enough.  Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that makes us doubt our accomplishments and fear being exposed as frauds despite evidence of our competence and success. 

  • Take the time to reflect on your accomplishments and successes. Write them down and objectively evaluate the skills and effort you put into achieving them. 
  • Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you would offer to a friend facing similar challenges.
  • Resist the urge to compare yourself to others, as this can lead to feelings of inadequacy. Remember that everyone has their unique strengths and struggles.

Authenticity and Individuality: Living an audacious life means being true to oneself, embracing your individuality, and being ok not conforming to societal or family expectations. Audacious individuals value their uniqueness and follow their paths.  

  • Self-awareness is the foundation of authenticity. Take the time to understand your values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and aspirations. Reflect on your life experiences and how they have shaped you. Understanding who you are and what you stand for enables you to make choices and decisions that align with your true self. This self-awareness also allows you to be honest with yourself and others about your thoughts, feelings, and intentions.
  • Authenticity involves being willing to show vulnerability and openness. Share your thoughts, emotions, and experiences when appropriate and genuine. Expressing vulnerability can foster deeper connections and create an environment where others feel comfortable being authentic. Choose your moments of vulnerability wisely, and be open in what you share.

Remember that living an audacious life doesn’t necessarily mean constantly engaging in high-risk activities or seeking attention. It’s about embracing opportunities, facing challenges with determination, and pushing the boundaries of your personal growth and achievement. 

Above all, an audacious life is unique to each individual and can manifest in various ways, depending on their passions, dreams, and values.

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