Media & Speaking

Jacqueline contributes to various media outlets. Her talks include such topics as sexuality, sensuality, relationships and life mastery.

You can find Jacqueline’s contributions on Telemundo, Univision, Daily Mail, Sleep Today, OK Cupid and other video blogs, news media’s and presentations.

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FredTalk (Santa Monica, CA): Presentation on Attraction, Intimacy & Erotic Alchemy



Que hacer cuando esta en una relacion de celos enfermizos (What to do in a relationship with unhealthy jealousy)


El Sexo en los Adolescentes (Sex Among the Adolescents)


Entre el Espeso y los Hijos (Between the Husband & the Children)


Burlas peligrosas: las terribles consecuencias del ‘body shaming’ (Consequences of Body Shaming)



Una vida con escasos objetos materiales


Los “ecosexuales”, movimiento que considera la naturaleza como una amante


Crianza con un peligroso reto viral / Parenting with a dangerous viral challenge


Secuelas de los tiroteos masivos en los sobrevivientes


In this intimate conversation, Rita Ciolek, Writer/Director of Growing Strong and Jacqueline Mendez, M.A. explore the ways in which child abuse affects individuals in the long run.

Most People Have Unsatisfying Sex. Here’s What to Do About It


Secret to a stronger relationship? More sex! Studies show more time between the sheets leads to more affection, respect and conversation


Why Everyone Breaks Up Over the Holidays – Sexperts, dating coaches and professors explain the “turkey drop”