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My intention with consulting with media and speaking is to change our conversation about sex, sexuality, intimacy, and our relationship with desire and our body.  

Jacqueline brings an empathetic and dynamic voice to conversations about sexual health, relationships, BIPOC issues, and entrepreneurship through her regular contributions to various national and local media outlets–television (live and pre-recorded), radio, print, and podcasts.  Jacqueline is also bilingual, English and Spanish, and delights in being able to bring important conversations to the greater Spanish-speaking and Latinx community.

If you are interested in interviewing or having Jacqueline speak, please provide your information here.

Sparks Fly on Virtual Dates, but Not So Much in Real Life

Sparks Fly on Virtual Dates, but Not So Much in Real Life At the beginning of the pandemic, many singles turned to video dating to forge connections. Some daters felt instant attraction online, but no chemistry in person.

Masturbating Every Night for a Week Gave Me the Best Sleep and Body Image I’ve Had in Months

9 Latina Therapists Share Stress Relieving Tips and Practices

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Worthiness Warriors Podcast

Chelsea Austin talks to sex therapist, Jacqueline Mendez about how intimately connected self-worth and sex are. The conversation covers everything from how we can talk to our partners about sex, to stigma around women and sex, and to how we can get comfortable in our bodies to have amazing sex!

Que hacer cuando está en una relación de celos?

Que hacer cuando esta en una relación de celos enfermizos (What to do in a relationship with unhealthy jealousy)

Una vida con escasos objetos materiales. Minimalistas descubren la felicidad de una vida simple, con escasas posesiones.

A life with few material objects. Minimalists discover the happiness of a simple life, with few possessions.

This is Secuelas de los tiroteos masivos en los sobrevivientesthe heading

Una joven de 18 años vive con el recuerdo de la masacre de Thousand Oaks que presenció.

Sexualidad con el paso de los años Expertos aseguran que las personas de la tercera edad no significa el fin de la vida sexual de una pareja.

Sexuality over the years. Experts say that the elderly do not mean the end of the sexual life of a couple.

Exploring Long Term Effects of Child Abuse

In this intimate conversation, Rita Ciolek, Writer/Director of Growing Strong and Jacqueline Mendez, M.A. explore the ways in which child abuse affects individuals in the long run.

Most People Have Unsatisfying Sex. Here’s What to Do About It

Sex therapists explain how couples can improve their love lives for Valentine's Day and beyond.

Secret to a stronger relationship? More sex!

Studies show more time between the sheets leads to more affection, respect and conversation

Why Everyone Breaks Up Over the Holidays

Sexperts, dating coaches and professors explain the “turkey drop”

Motion Picture Television Fund - Deal with It Conference

Presentation on Attraction, Intimacy & Erotic Alchemy

FredTalk (Santa Monica, CA)

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