Long Distance Relationships

Long-Distance  Relationships Connection Intimacy Love Together

It is not uncommon in our modern world for either one partner or all partners to travel constantly or even live part-time (or long-term) in another state, time zone or country.

A long-distance relationship can be extremely difficult on all partners and learning how to cope with the distance can be challenging. While difficult, they are still just as likely to succeed as any other relationship because even though apart, it is still possible to grow and build a nurturing and intimate relationship.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, therapy can help you work through struggles that you may be experiencing while living away from your partner.  It can help you explore and create effective communication skills as well as ways of keeping the passion and love enlivened. So, when you are together, you are connecting and enjoying each other rather than handling issues that being apart brings up.

Sessions are done in a variety of ways with combinations of online and in-person sessions.


  • Understanding expectations and roles in household and relationship “duties”
  • Trust
  • Effective communication
  • Ways to keep the sexual flame alive while apart
  • Avoiding “dangerous” situations
  • Boundaries –  including extended family & friends
  • Planning quality time together
  • Meeting each other’s emotional needs being miles apart and on different time zones

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