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Leading a fulfilling life demands the qualities of leadership. 

Embodying effective leadership necessitates cultivating a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

This harmonious integration supports the visionary mindset and empowers you to become a game-changer, influencing and transforming the landscape around you.

Leadership, envisioning, and goal-setting transcend to-do lists, routines, and SOPs—they embody a lively life.  

It’s a  dance that commences with you, where joy and desire serve as the melody guiding each of your steps.

And you draw from every facet of your life. So how you care for your body, nurture your soul, nourish your pleasure, and tend to your soul becomes the heartbeat of your leadership, visioning, and service to the world. 

Giving yourself a time and space to luxuriate in this has the power to transform you.

In the grand tapestry of success, the next beautiful thread is woven by prioritizing joy. 

Leaders and visionaries who embrace this truth discover greater returns within themselves and the world around them.

Whether you’re embarking on a shift to private practice, expanding into diverse revenue streams, evolving into a group practice, or simply exploring the next chapter of your journey, you deserve the opportunity to uncover your truth and embrace it more completely.

You want to empower yourself to navigate these transitions with authenticity and purpose, allowing your journey to unfold in alignment with your truest aspirations and values in perfect harmony with your deepest aspirations and unwavering values.  

A personalized and focused program tailored to you will guide you through these endeavors, infusing the importance of play and pleasure seamlessly into the fabric of your journey.

All our 1-2 day retreat program are tailored for the unique needs of mental health professionals and therapreneurs integrating embodiment practices, pleasure, and somatic skills that have supported my clients in creating extraordinary work and personal lives

  • Opening Embodiment Ritual: Start the retreat with a grounding and centering embodiment ritual, incorporating mindful movement, breathwork, and meditation to set the tone for self-discovery.

  • Somatic Skills Mastery Workshop: Engage in an interactive workshop focusing on mastering somatic skills, including practices for emotional regulation, trauma-informed care, and enhancing the mind-body connection.

  • Pleasure Mapping Exercise: Explore pleasure as a catalyst for well-being, mapping out sources of joy, creativity, and pleasure in their personal and professional lives.

  • Holistic Self-Care: Discover what supports self-care, including body care, soul nurturing, and pleasure nourishment.

  • Embodied Leadership Visioning Session: This session centered around embodied leadership, guiding participants to align their leadership goals with their deepest values and aspirations.

  • Mindful Movement: Incorporate a mindful movement session and walk to you to connect with your body and its wisdom.

  • Sharing and Reflection: A safe space to share your insights and reflections, encouraging connection, support, and embodied learning.

  • Sensory Pleasure Experience: A personally designed sensory pleasure experience involving activities that engage the senses to promote pleasure and self-knowing as an integral part of well-being and purpose.

  • Creative Expression Workshop:  A unique platform for creative expression, such as art or journaling, to encourage participants to explore their inner selves and articulate their aspirations.

  • Closing Ceremony with Integration Practices: Conclude the retreat with a closing ceremony that includes integration practices, empowering participants to carry the insights gained into their personal and professional lives.

Daring to dream big and serve your soul's highest calling.

Whether you’re interested in starting a new business, achieving specific life or professional goals, or just want to lead a more purposeful and balanced life, I create a tailored approach that supports you and your unique tapestry and flavorings.

I reserve my intensive sessions for a limited number of highly committed individuals who have the willingness and the courage to show up and make the leap toward what they really desire.
These sessions are done in the Los Angeles area.  They can also be done virtually from anywhere with a care package delivered to you before the start of the session.
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