Primary & Secondary 1:1 Supervisory Support on Your AASECT Journey

Pursuing AASECT Certification is no small feat.  

Potential AASECT Certified Sex Therapists are mental health professionals trained to provide in-depth psychotherapy and specialize in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns.  The minimum degree required is a Master’s degree. The majority are licensed or completing licensure in the state.  The AASECT Sex Therapy Certification is for all mental health professionals licensed in their states or provinces to provide mental health care and have completed graduate school for clinical training in their professional area. Applicable professional degrees may include a Ph.D., MD, MSW, MA, LMFT, LCSW, or LCPC, among others.

Sex therapists work with sexual concerns and, where appropriate, are prepared to provide comprehensive and intensive psychotherapy over an extended period of time in more complex cases.

If you are an educator or counselor and are interested in obtaining AASECT Certification as a Sexuality Educator or Counselor, please email us.  Sex Therapy Supervisors can supervise Educators and Counselors for a limited time.

Primary & Secondary Certified AASECT Supervisor

I am passionate about mentoring others in the field of sex therapy and appreciate longstanding relationships with those I have worked with.  I approach supervision intuitively and tailor each session, and the overall experience of the supervisory journey to best meet the unique needs of each supervisee. 

I help my supervisees understand their ethical responsibilities, how to conceptualize their cases, and how to structure a treatment plan and intervention application.  I also celebrate their strengths while identifying the areas to improve.  Compassionate yet challenging, positive yet direct!

I work from a trauma-informed, systemic, and spiritual framework.  I supervise from a holistic and integrative approach, having presented at the Annual AASECT Conference several times on the use of movement, mind/body connection, and body-heart-mind-spiritual integration in sex therapy.  I was mentored and trained by Gina Ogden and am an active member of the 4-D Network.  i

I use the general supervision perspective of person-of-the-therapist and strength-based theoretical lenses to help my supervisees expand upon their learning as evolving sex therapists.  It is essential for me to help supervisees work through their sex therapy cases with their theoretical perspective and life experience.  By doing so, I help her supervisees grow into the sex therapists they desire to become, and best serve the clients.

My highest intention is to empower clinicians on their journey of becoming sex therapists by providing a safe dialogue space where unconscious bias can be unraveled and updated through decolonial and intersectional lenses, ensuring that my supervisees are challenged by experiencing and conceptualizing cases in a variety of ways. 

Requirements for 1:1 Supervision

  • Be a licensed clinician in the state you are practicing. 
  • Access to sex therapy clients for case consultation.

Critical Elements for AASECT Supervision:

  • All applicants must complete fifty (50) hours of one-to-one supervision with an AASECT Certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy.
  • Of the 50 hours, 12 hours may be group supervision with the same or another ASSECT Certified Supervisor.
  • Supervision must occur over a period of no less than eighteen (18) months. Total hours per month may not exceed six (6) hours.  
  • Although not necessary, you may work with a Primary & Secondary Supervisor.
  • 20 hours of individual supervision must be completed with a Primary Supervisor.
  • AASECT Supervision can occur across state lines. 
  • The primary Supervisor is responsible for sign-off and completing the application process with the supervisee.

Ready to begin to serve your clients in more profound ways?

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