High-Profile Clients

Confidential Respectful High-Profile Public Figure Privacy

There are many professional and personal endeavors that may bring people in front of the public eye. High-profile status adds additional factors and pressures that are important to be addressed.
Being a public figure carries with it some unique challenges.
In the world of psychotherapy, a primary ethical and mandatory rule is keeping the names and private information of all clients under strict confidentiality. It is vital that great lengths be implemented to assure this especially when private matters are under the scrutiny of the public and media.  
I have tailored my practice to work with the particular needs of high-profile clients that including celebrities, professional athletes, business leaders, creatives, and other public figures clients who require an especially high level of discretion.  I provide a private entrance directly into my office, after hour sessions, and customized intensives (4-6 hour sessions) to accommodate clients with heavy travel schedules and public lifestyles which can make scheduling at a regular time challenging.

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