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Dream Boldly
Mastermind for mental health professionals

A group mastermind in the realm of spiritual alignment is a sacred gathering of like-minded mental health professionals orchestrated to harmonize collective energies and intentions. 

Rooted in the essence of shared purpose and spiritual unity, participants converge regularly under my guidance to weave the threads of wisdom, purpose, visioning, and insight.


This group mastermind delves into the realms of holistic well-being, intertwining the holistic dimensions with professional aspirations. Through contemplative and experiential sessions, participants offer and receive insights, creating a nurturing space for shared growth, support, and transformation.

In this sacred circle, we tap into the higher consciousness, channeling collective energies towards the greater good. Through meditation, reflective discussions, experiential and somatic practices, and shared dreams and aspirations, mental health professionals can deepen their connection with both their inner selves and the spiritual essence that binds us all. 

This mastermind becomes a sanctuary where the professional and spiritual alignment journey seamlessly converges.

The collective intelligence and diverse perspectives of the group are then harnessed to provide each member support, guidance, and accountability. 

Dream Boldly

The mastermind often includes brainstorming sessions, goal setting, and problem-solving discussions with the intention of fostering a supportive and empowering community for mutual growth and achievement.

In the sacred space of this spiritual group mastermind for mental health professionals, we honor the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. 

Embodiment and somatics are woven into the fabric of our gatherings, inviting participants to engage in practices that ground them in the present moment. 

Through mindful movement, breathwork, and somatic exploration, we seek to attune ourselves to the wisdom housed within our bodies.

In this spiritual journey, we also recognize that the body is not just a vessel but a sacred temple of experience and intuition. Embodied practices become a means of accessing deeper layers of understanding, allowing mental health professionals to integrate spiritual insights with their therapeutic work. 

The combination of spiritual wisdom, embodiment, and somatic awareness creates a holistic framework for personal and professional growth within the nurturing embrace of the group mastermind.

Mental health professionals frequently find themselves navigating the intricate path of isolation. The very nature of their work, rooted in confidentiality and ethical considerations, can create a sense of professional solitude. The confidential nature of client interactions and the emotional intensity of the work may contribute to this sense of isolation, as mental health practitioners often grapple with complex issues on their own. The demanding schedules and continuous learning requirements further limit opportunities for peer connections, leaving mental health professionals to confront the challenges of their profession in relative isolation.

This isolation can significantly impact the growth of their business and the realization of their professional vision. The absence of a supportive community denies mental health professionals the collective wisdom and diverse perspectives crucial for expanding their skills and perspectives. It limits the exchange of innovative ideas, collaboration, and networking opportunities instrumental in building a thriving practice. The lack of a supportive network can hinder the cultivation of new strategies and creative approaches, impeding the evolution of their vision and the potential for broader professional impact.

In this mastermind group, recognizing and addressing this isolation becomes essential not only for the well-being of mental health professionals but also for the vitality and growth of their businesses and visions.

Being part of a mastermind changed my life both personally and professionally

Embarking on the transformative journey within a mastermind group has been an enriching odyssey that has woven threads of personal and professional growth into the fabric of my life as a therapist. 

In the sacred space of shared insights and collective wisdom, I found solace in the understanding hearts and minds of like-minded peers. Together, we navigated the intricate landscapes of our practices, unraveling knots of professional challenges and personal doubts. 

Through this shared exploration, I discovered new facets of my therapeutic self and unearthed innovative approaches that breathed life into my practice and money mindset. 

The mastermind became a sanctuary of encouragement, where the exchange of experiences and collective wisdom not only bolstered my confidence but also ignited the spark of creativity in my therapeutic endeavors. 

Witnessing the flourishing growth within myself and my practice, I am reminded that the journey to becoming a better therapist is an ongoing pilgrimage, and the mastermind group serves as both a compass and a companion on this profound path of self-discovery and professional evolution.

Components for the Dream Boldly mastermind tailored to mental health professionals seeking to grow their businesses, increase profits, serve clients powerfully, scale their practices, leverage therapeutic skills, prevent burnout, practice self-care, and honor their ancestral roots:

  • Ancestral Healing
    – Include activities dedicated to exploring and honoring ancestral roots, integrating ancestral wisdom into therapeutic practices, and finding inspiration from cultural traditions.
  • Business Growth Strategies:
    – Facilitate mental health professionals to share and discuss effective business growth strategies, exchanging insights on marketing, client acquisition, and service expansion.
  • Profitability Planning:
    – Provide focus on tools and strategies for increasing revenue while maintaining ethical and client-centric practices.
  • Client-Centered Service Innovations:
    – Encourage discussions on client-centered service innovations, exploring ways to enhance the therapeutic experience, increase client engagement, and offer more impactful services.
  • Scalability Activities:
    – Guiding professionals in expanding their reach without compromising the quality of care and without burnout.
  • Therapeutic Skills Enhancement Labs:
    – Create labs that enhance therapeutic skills, incorporating somatic practices and innovative approaches to serve clients better.
  • Preventing Burnout Roundtables:
    – Preventing burnout and sharing strategies for maintaining mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being while managing the demands of a growing practice.
  • Holistic Self-Care Practices:
    – Experiential techniques centered around holistic self-care, providing mental health professionals with rejuvenating experiences and tools for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Peer Support and Accountability Circles:
    – Form peer support and accountability circles where participants can share challenges and successes while providing mutual encouragement to prevent isolation and promote collective growth.
  • Cultural Competence and Ancestral Connection:
    – Cultural competence, fostering an understanding of diverse backgrounds, and providing tools for mental health professionals to honor their ancestral roots in their work while creating a decolonizing and inclusive work culture

What if your professional journey could take a transformative turn?

What if you could tap into the inherent wisdom of life and collaborate with it daily, enriching your practice in every aspect?

What if the trajectory of your career in mental health could be different, and each day offered a meaningful partnership with life's intelligence?

Consider the possibilities that await as you envision a path where your skills and life's wisdom intertwine seamlessly, shaping a purposeful and fulfilling professional experience in collaboration with like-minded peers.

This intimate 6-month journey is open to 12 individuals who want to play a bigger game, heal limiting conditioning, and live a life in alignment with their inner truth.

I am dedicated to crafting an unparalleled experience tailored for mental health professionals and their pursuits.
In this unique journey, participants acquire the skills and tools to authentically enhance their professional pursuits and cultivate a profound connection and inspiration from a community of like-minded trailblazers.
This community consists of professionals aspiring to usher in a better world for themselves and the collective well-being we strive to foster in the mental health community and for our clients.
1. Fill out the application.  *Applications will open when enrollment opens again. 
Your answers will bring new insights and provide information for your next steps on your journey. 
2. A conversation with me.  

If your application is accepted, I will reach out to schedule a conversation about you and what you want to create. Any questions about the program will be addressed at this time.

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