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The Integrated Male: Balancing the Light/Celebrating the Dark

November 3, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

More than any other time in modern history, men today are being challenged to uncover and upgrade different facets of the masculine.

Movements like #MeToo and TimesUp along with current political climates are propelling men to question and update beliefs and misunderstandings around modern masculinity.


When the Dark and Light are not in balance, men engage passively with life fearing rejection, abandonment and real intimacy. And, often times, their own power which can lead to patterns of self-sabotage, incomplete goals, and not getting what he desires in relationships.

The UNBALANCED MALE reacts rather than acts, controls rather than responds, manipulates rather than creates or leads.



The Dark Side of the masculine is an essential and much needed aspect of the Masculine. And yet many men report being exposed or taught conflicting and often times violent perspectives of the Dark – the Shadow.

In an effort to feel good, to feel powerful, to “man-up,” some have bought into the false ideas of the alpha, predatory male leaving many men feeling conflicted, disempowered, and frozen in their relationship with the feminine and with other men.

And, let’s be clear here…

Femininity is not the opposite of masculinity. They are complements. The opposite of masculinity is passivity.

The INTEGRATED MALE is balanced in his masculine and feminine energy and uses both to lead, protect, create, love, and empower himself.  Creating freedom in who he is in the wold.

This workshop will explore the Dark Side of the Masculine: what it means, how it is an essential part of the Masculine, and how its shadow shows up in today’s world; and how to use the Light side to balance himself in love, power, and life:
  • Participants will also be guided on how to access the Dark and the Light as needed.
  • Each participant will walk away with practical ways to apply these learnings in life, work, and relationships.


What is the Dark side of the Masculine?

There is a wild side to man’s nature. Unpredictable. Even savage.

For the most part, men are taught from an early age to repress this part. They are given messages that it is something undesired and, perhaps, even uncivilized. In an effort to fit in, feel loved, many men repress it while some use this energy in more “appropriate” choices – competition in sports or business.

The truth is that the Dark side of Masculinity is never really gone.

And, if not channeled correctly, it follows men like a shadow — projecting and distorting the masculine. Leaving men in an abyss of pushing, forcing as well as freezing and avoiding.

The Darkness is not evil, but because it is often squelched, it is often denied its proper role resulting in rebelliousness, displeasure, rage, and depression. It becomes the monster so many work diligently to hide.

Without the Dark Side, chivalry becomes salt that has lost its flavor. Because without it, direction and discipline are meaningless; connection to self, other, community inauthentic; strength is ineffective, and logic pointless.


When the Dark is not given its place, the Masculine becomes sad, rage-filled, uncontrollable, abusive, perverted, and lost. Given today’s headlines… sound familiar?

The Light is the space of wisdom, stillness, and leading with benevolence.

Yet, when it is integrated into the Masculine, the Light and the Dark nourishes the soul like nothing else can.

It is about owning what is true in the body-heart-mind-spirit so that man can show up in more integrity.

It is about exploring and knowing the depth of desires and genuine action. Because when he shows up in full integrity with all his parts – Light and Dark- the Feminine can show up in all her flavors.

The Integrated Male is the Wild Man at its core – the place that existed before he was told how to be, who to be.


Our time together will be part process, part experiential, and you will walk away with specific skills and techniques that can assist you in daily life.

Skills and techniques presented in this workshop are grounded in Spiritual Psychology, Polarity work (masculine-feminine), Mind-Body, Neuroscience, Nonlinear Movement, and Shamanism.


===> Why attend this event? <===

Today’s headlines are filled with examples of the Shadow side of the Masculine.

Because men are powerful beings and most men truly want to engage with themselves and others in powerful, authentic, and positive ways.

It is my intention that those that participate in this event will walk away with concrete and practical reminders of this.

And most importantly, you will walk away, with skills that will assist you in being more effective and more empowered in your relationships and with the Light and the Dark.

And I totally get it… most men find these kinds of workshops intimidating or way out of their comfort zone especially being in the presence of other men. One of my reasons for doing this is to remind you that you are not alone and that many men are having a shared and lonely experience. Hearing and being with others is powerful medicine.

===> Why have a woman lead it? <===

===> What can a woman teach me about being a man? <===

The feminine qualities of empathy, intuition, openness, and nurturance are the magnets that help bring out the balanced masculine.

And…the flow of the feminine needs to be present to help nurture and reinforce the direction of the masculine.

This event is not about teaching you how to be a man, but to unearth and anchor the masculine energy already in you in a way that serves your highest purpose.

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