Therapists are taught theory and technique. Not how to run a profitable therapy business.

We want to help you create the business and practice of your dreams. Where you serve your clients in ways that help you shine and provide powerful healing while being your own boss, earning money, and having the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Have you dreamt of working in the field of mental health + sexual well-being?

Most clinicians have little to no significant training in sex and sexuality, yet these two factors are essential in most relationships.  Knowing how to support clients in healing cultural, spiritual, and religious influences are vital for sex therapist.  A holistic therapy approach helps clients heal and integrate body, heart, mind, and spirit while learning about their unique sexual needs and flavors.

About Us

Jacqueline founded the Center for Relationship & Intimacy Wellbeing—an organization devoted to helping people experience more profoundly intimate relationships with themselves and their loved ones while providing mentorship, supervision, and innovative sex therapy approaches to clinicians.  

She is also dedicated to women’s empowerment and leads workshops and holistic mastermind groups centered on compassion, self-love, and integrating body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Her enthusiasm for this transformational work has led her to develop an integrative and holistic way of blending multiple modalities and life experiences to support people soulfully and practically.

Jacqueline’s highest intention is to help her clients tap into their most profound wisdom, harness their transformational power, embody aliveness, experience more freedom, and feel more powerfully effective in every aspect of their lives.

Why Choose Us?


Over two decades in the mental health field with vast experience with client conversion and strategies that work without burnout. Lived the experience of having a niche that aligns with your soul while attracting your ideal client and leading workshops, groups, & retreats.


Group practice owner:
- employee management
- hiring
- implementing employee law and ethics license depending on type of license
- establishing systems
- client conversions
- employee retention


Bringing sacredness and spirituality to all offerings and services through Rituals and ancestral wisdom. Psychology is the study of the soul and is one of them main foundations on our company that is often forgotten in most therapy practices.


Approach is holistic, practical, and integrative—an inside-out way to nurture change by uncovering different parts healing & support. Partnering with your emotions, regulating the nervous system, and embodying more space & dreams. Accessing our inner wisdom and honoring our mind and body’s capacity and limits.

* Be a Mental Health Entrepreneur by learning how to utilize your skills to build a legacy while serving your community without overworking and burnout.

* Become a certified sex therapist by learning how to help clients break old stories and heal traumas while connecting to their genuine sexual being and reigniting their relationship with pleasure.

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Your life begins to change when you commit to yourself and your heart’s calling with rest, pleasure, and joy as a part of your life.
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