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AASECT Sex Therapy Certification Supervision

Jacqueline is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Sex Therapy Supervisor.  

She provides sex therapy supervision virtually to clinicians and healing art professionals nationally and internationally.

Jacqueline is eclectic and integrative in her approach to sex therapy.  Her focus is the person of the therapist and the inclusion of various intersectional identities.  She also interweaves spiritual practices and multi-cultural methods with more traditional techniques and theories of therapy.   

Becoming a sex therapist can be a profound personal journey that may significantly change a clinician’s life.  Countertransference is a space for profound growth to assist the clinician to learn how to hold space from a non-judgmental, sex-positive, and non-binary lens.  After all, no healing arts professional can help guide a client into a terrain that they themselves has not gone before. 

Jacqueline’s most significant influence as a sex therapist and supervisor is the work of her friend, mentor, and spiritual mama Gina Ogden with whom she led 4-D groups and retreats.  She also assisted Gina in translating her work with the 4-D Wheel into Spanish.  

She delights in mentoring BIPOC therapists.  Being one of the very few bicultural-bilingual AASECT Sex Therapy and Supervisor, Jacqueline is a fierce advocate for more Spanish-speaking/Latinx clinicians to begin their journey as a sex therapist.

If you are interested in pursuing AASECT Sex Therapy Certification, Jacqueline will also assist you through the application process.

Supervision & Consultation


Consultation is available for providers who want to better support their clients and have questions about sexuality, couples/relationships, mental health conditions/treatment, cultural, spiritual, and embodiment practices among other topics.



If you have several providers who are looking for group consultation in the same clinic or group practice, Jacqueline Mendez can come to you.


We are hiring!

If you’ve always wanted to help others in healing and growing in the space of sexuality while having the freedom of a private practice and don’t want to deal with the monotonous and ever-changing working parts of a successful practice (website, workflow, laws and ethic updates, policies, updating consents & forms, marketing, etc.), we may be for you! 

We are invested in our clients AND our team members to ensure that they are able to grow and learn in their field and feel engaged in our community.  We are a company that supports you as a whole person through pay and benefits including salary, paid time off, an annual stipend, and self-care events.
We also offers AASECT certification training by providing individual and group supervision and mentorship.  We also provides quarterly trainings to satisfy AASECT core knowledge and continuation education requirements.

Professional Credentials

Professional Experience & Education

  • Experience with couples and sexuality issues.
  • Facilitated groups
  • Knowledgeable of sexual issues and dysfunctions.
  • Willingness to learn and practice integrative, holistic perspective on sexuality.
  • Knowledgeable of trauma-informed therapy.
  • Knowledgeable of somatic-informed therapy

Licenses & Certifications

  • Fully Licensed in the State where clients are being seen.
  • AASECT Certification preferred, but not required. 

Center for Relationship & Intimacy Well-Being (CRIWB)

CRIWB is located in California in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley with a satellite office in West Los Angeles. 

Learn more about our team and apply.

Currently, we are providing services online only.

Holistic Sexual Healing (HSH)

HSH is an online only group practice that is rapidly growing in multi-state.

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