AASECT Group Supervision —Spanglish Style!

For Latinx/Latine Clinicians Pursuing AASECT Sex Therapy Certification

Being aware of the nuances of the Latin culture has not been enough to serve the larger Latinx/Latine community.  

Training with English-speaking-only teachers, learning therapeutic skills and terms in English, and, above all, not having a mentor with the same lived experience as myself—WOC, child of immigrants, bicultural, bilingual—I struggled to find a sense of belonging.   

Recognizing that representation of Latinx/Latine culture and Spanish-speaking sex therapists are lacking in the sex therapy field ultimately persuaded me to complete both AASECT Sex Therapy Certification and AASECT Sex Therapy Supervisor Certification.

Now I can provide for my Latinx/Latine community as a sex therapist, supervisor, and group practice owner.

My intention with this group is that other Latinx/Latine/Latina/Latino experience a sense of belonging that they are seen in heard in ways that honor their culture, and learn how best to serve their clients from a lived multicultural approach.

In our modern society, the demand for skilled Certified Sex Therapists, Counselors, and Educators is high.  Access to these specialists, particularly in Latinx/Latine and BIPOC communities, remains low, as does representation in the field. 
Beginning your journey towards AASECT Sex Therapy Certification with bilingual and bicultural supervision helps the critical need, ensuring that the greater Latinx/Latine community, including Spanish speakers, has access to sexual health and education.
Many Latinx/Latine folks are raised in homes where sex, gender, and sexuality are not discussed.  For many, it is a taboo subject.  Yet, Spanish-speaking television often shows women scantly dressed and being sexually pleasing to men.
Sex, gender, and sexuality are constructs permeated by religion, religious politics, misogyny, classism, and colorism in the open and even celebrated manner. 
Slut shaming and Marianismo have a massive impact on Latinx/Latine sexuality, as does machismo creating double standards in all areas of intimate relationships and sexual well-being.

This experiential group is for mental health clinicians who want to expand their clinical skills as AASECT Sex Therapist while honoring ancestral teaching and cultural roots.

Each session will utilize a decolonizing and intersectional lens to review cases and facilitate training around trauma, sexuality, couples, groups, spirituality, and other topics that case consultation warrants.  With this non-pathologizing approach, practitioners will integrate practices working with Latinx/Latine and Spanish-speaking populations.

  • Each clinician will have 30 minutes for case consultation at each session and then have the opportunity to apply their knowledge with clients between each supervision session.
  • Throughout the supervision group, group members and the facilitator will work together to address clinical challenges and deepen your understanding of yourself as a clinician.
  • Learn and explore practical approaches in working with various Latinx/Latine populations
      • What most people in the U.S. consider Latinx/Latine is comprised of 33 different countries, nearly 500 different languages, and almost 900 different indigenous groups in Latin America, including the Caribbean.  We are not a monolith. 
      • Explore Spanish words/phrases that are important in providing sex therapy to most Latinx/Latine populations.
      • There are dozens of words for penis, vulva, and vagina.  What you call one in one country or even a region in a country can get you in deep trouble in another.  (Hint: papaya is not just fruit.)
    • Spanish may be spoken.  Fluency in Spanish is not necessary.
    • You will be able to use group hours towards AASECT Sex Therapy Certification.  (Note: Completion of the group does not guarantee AASECT Certification)

The group meets for 2 hours every other week for 6 sessions

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Only 4 Participants per Group

Group fulfills 12-hour towards AASECT Sex Therapy Certification Supervision Hours.  AASECT CES offered for Certified Sex Therapists


Requirements for Group Participation

  • Access to clients for sex therapy case consultation.
  • Participation in all sessions.  There will be no make-up sessions and no recordings.
  • Signed contract with a primary AASECT Supervisor.
  • No Spanish required.