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Our intention is to create a safe space for the intersection of psychology, sexual wellness, supervision, and the empowerment of therapists to cultivate lives and professional pursuits aligned with their true passions unfolding through the discerning prism of deconstructing barriers, dismantling oppressive systems, and honoring the profound legacies of our ancestors.

I am deeply committed to assisting mental health professionals and therapists in cultivating greater freedom, aliveness, and vitality in their lives. 

Utilizing a Holistic and Integrative lens, my approach is deeply rooted in the timeless understanding of psychology as the study of the soul, intricately weaving together elements of somatic practices/embodiment and spirituality. 

This thoughtfully tailored support system aims to empower the co-creation of a life and business that authentically aligns with your true self, fostering a sense of fulfillment and enabling you to make a more profound impact in the world.

In my roles as a sex therapist, supervisor, group practice owner, and coach, I have gleaned invaluable insights into the transformative power of connecting with one’s heart, soul, body, and ancestral roots. Through years of personal and professional challenges, I embarked on a journey that led me to the discovery of ancient rituals, the profound interplay of mind and body, spirituality, self-love practices, trauma-informed approaches, and somatic/embodiment practices. These discoveries elevated both my personal and professional life to new heights.

Now, it is my privilege to guide professionals like you in establishing a partnership with your own hearts, bodies, souls, and dreams. Together, we embark on a journey toward authenticity and self-discovery, allowing you to experience the freedom and vitality you seek and thrive in both your personal and professional endeavors.


Entrepreneur | Business Coach | Licensed Clinical Somatic Psychotherapist | Certified Sex Therapist | Masters in Clinical Psychology | Masters in Spiritual Psychology | Group Practice Owner


We work with employers, clinicians, and other mental health professionals, providing them with the tools and frameworks to create the life and work of their dreams while creating healing and liberating spaces to dismantle & heal from oppressive  stories & structures. 

We are an LGBTQIA2SP+ & BIPOC affirming business.

AASECT Supervision

Individual & Group
Primary & Secondary
Short Duration

Coaching, Consulting, & Mastermind

Individual Coaching
Intensives Dream Boldly | Mastermind

The 4-D Approach

A template for higher awareness, growth, and healing where the person's journey is viewed through emotional, mental, and spiritual quadrants.

Sex Therapy
+ Sex Coaching

Center for Relationship & Intimacy Well-Being

Holistic Sexual Healing

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Create healing and liberating spaces. Enhance the well-being, knowledge & development of healers.

Latinx Sex Therapy

Healing and growing your relationship & journey to pleasure in a way that honors your culture & your roots.

Sanar y hacer crecer su relación e intimidad de una manera que honra su cultura y sus raíces.

Training, Webinars, & Workshops

Engage in innovative, experiential, somatic-based training and workshops, alongside informative webinars, designed for mental health professionals dedicated to becoming transformative catalysts for healing and change.

Online & In-Person

Psychology, rooted in 'psyche' (soul) and 'logos' (to study), inherently involves the study of the soul. This ancient perspective emphasizes that modern psychotherapy is intricately tied to the pursuit of social justice. As therapists, we act as guardians of the science of the soul, contributing to societal healing.

Simultaneously, as mental health professionals, we play a pivotal role in the pursuit of therapeutic environments aimed at dismantling and healing from oppressive systems. Our collective commitment to creating healing and liberating spaces resonates with the essence of psychology as the study of the soul. Together, we strive to dismantle barriers hindering growth and well-being, guiding transformative journeys toward emotional liberation.

Being stewards of mental health, our dedication to fostering inclusive, empathetic, and empowering spaces is paramount. Within these sacred spaces, individuals embark on healing journeys, finding solace and support to confront the impact of oppressive systems on their mental well-being.

Moreover, as therapists, we recognize the imperative of healing our own stories of scarcity, imposter syndrome, and playing small. This self-awareness not only enhances our professional efficacy but also deepens our connection to the soulful roots of psychology. 

As we embark on this dual journey of personal and collective healing, we contribute to the larger tapestry of social justice, embodying the profound intertwining of psychology, therapy, and the restoration of the soul.

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“The biggest reason for our existence is to feel the rapture of being alive.”
-Lebo Grand

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