Hello! I'm Jacqueline Mendez

I am passionate about helping others create more freedom, aliveness, & vitality in their lives.

I work with professionals & therapists through a Holistic and Integrative lens approach that is an embodied and spiritually based style of support designed to let the body, heart, mind, and soul
co-create with you a life and business that lights you up and supports you in creating a more profound impact in the world.

As a sex therapist, supervisor, group practice owner, and coach, I learned that feeling alive and experiencing freedom came when I connected to my heart, soul, body, and ancestral roots .  After years of struggle, I discovered ancient rituals, mind/body connection, spirituality, self-love, trauma-informed approaches, and somatic/embodiment practices, that took my life & and business life to another level.

Now I get to help professionals like you partner with their hearts, bodies, souls, and dreams.

AASECT Certification Supervision


Programs for Women


Business Coaching

Programs & Executiive Days for Therapists & Therapreneurs

I believe that when we, as therapists, show up in our business and life with aliveness, intuition, and flow, we can help our clients in more powerful ways to serve our clients and make a more significant impact in the world.

Most therapists go into this field because they want to help people, and we want to make the world.  We go to school and learn about theories, diagnoses, assessments, treatment plans, and various techniques.  We fall in love with a specific theory or niche, and a new world opens up. 

As business owners and therapreneurs—solo practice, group practice, passive income, coaching, supervising– you need a strategy that feels good that will help you build a business that you can be proud of, and that feels good.  A system that is not cookie-cutter is not about adding more things to your to-do list but taps into your innate wisdom and partners with your body, heart, and soul.

This is why I use a holistic approach to support you in building a life and business that includes all of you—your personal life, your genius, your opportunities for learning, self-care, self-love, and celebration— without leaving you feeling exhausted or depleted.

My passion is helping therapists make money and feel more alive and aligned with the calling of helping other people. 

Holistic & Integrative Programs for Women
Individual & Group Coaching Programs for Women
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Business Coaching for Healers & Helpers
Let's Go On A Journey.
And Help You Dream & Create The Business That Supports You Serving Your Clients & YOU
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A sacred exploration and practice of devotional self-care & self-love.
An alchemy of ancient rituals, psychology, embodiment, and feminine magic.
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AASECT Certification Supervision
Supervisees are mentored to view sexual concerns beyond a physical or medical issue. No matter what the presenting problem a client seeks support with, exploring the emotional, mental, psychological, and even spiritual areas of the client’s life is essential.
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Center for Relationship & Intimacy WellBeing
Through a holistic & integrative perspective, love, life, connection, & intimacy are given the attention they deserve. We provide psychotherapy, counseling, sex therapy, & support groups for all types of relationships, gender, mental health concerns, life transitions, spiritual & religious conflicts, sexual concerns, and relationship dynamics.
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The Qinto Co.
Revitalizing the Healer

Retreats for Mental Health & Healing Arts Professionals that want to gain continuing education through Travel, Cultural Immersion, Ritual, Fun & Connection.
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The journey of a Turned-On Life begins with deeply falling in love with YOU
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An LGBTQIA2SP+ & BIPOC affirming business.

“The biggest reason for our existence is to feel the rapture of being alive.”
― Lebo Grand”